Swaploader / Hook Lifts


Looking for a swap loader / hook lift truck?  STE offers top quality hook lifts from Swaploader USA Ltd.

Our Swaploaders Feature:



Sliding Jib

True horizontal movement across the hoist allowing the body to remain safely within the rear body locks throughout the jib travel.

Low Pressure Hydraulics

Built in protection should an unexpected loss in hydraulic pressure occur.

Dual Integral Counterbalance Valves

Expanded versatility and flexibility to your customer through one truck with multiple bodies

Dual Lift / Dump Cylinders

Superior safety and stability during mount, dismount, and dump cycles.

Slide Through Rear Body Locks

Safely secures body during transport, dump, and weight transfer situations.

Dual Rear Pivot Section

Provides true dump truck capabilities and increased leverage during the mount cycle.

4-Year All Parts Warranty

No exceptions, no exclusions, and no fine print.

Designed & Built in the U.S.A.

Utilizes readily available imperial fittings and parts. No metric parts!