Compressors & Power Centers

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 Hydraulic Drive Air Compressors

When you utilize a PTO air compressor on your crew trucks, you gain a decisive edge, because the PTO air compressor components become an essential part of the vehicle. STE offers above and below deck-mounted units that give you many advantages over conventional air compressors.

Our fuel-saving Hydraulic drive air compressors that run off of your mechanics truck PTO, gives you much more output from your air compressor.

Hydraulic drive compressors are available with up to 80 CFM of output at 175 PSI and are available from Vanair and from Boss Industries.

Power Centers


STE offers state-of-the-art Power Centers from Goodall Manufacturing. These all-in-one, multi-function products are designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile service mechanics. The units are engineered to reduce the amount of space necessary to fit in most service vehicles (by 50% in many cases, and reducing weight by 30% to comparable separate components). If you are a field service mechanic, our Goodall Power Centers is a great choice for your on-demand mobile power needs.

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Products & Options

  • Hydraulic Compressors
  • Tool Circuit Generators
  • Under Deck
  • Above Deck
  • Engine Driven